Organic Cotton Slipper Socks, Blue


Yahae is a small-batch sock factory that has been based in the town of Koryo, Japan since 1921. Koryo is the central hub for the Japanese tradition of "sock knitting" or "sock weaving." With this rich history, Yahae focuses on making knitwear inspired by heritage and by nature. Yahae practices sustainable techniques — no chemical dyes are ever used in their socks — and seek to reduce impact while simultaneously creating rich, soft patterns that feel as good as they look. Above all, they believe that the socks you choose in the morning set the tone for a comfortable life.

95% Organic cotton
4% Nylons
1% Polyurethane

S : W 5.5-7.5, M 4.5-6.5
M : W 8-10, M 7-9
L : W 10.5-12.5, M 9.5-11.5

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